We hereby represent our complete range of conveyors. These include RNA mini-band-conveyors type FP15E and FP15D, with optional belt widths of 10, 20 or 30 mm and lengths of 200 to 2000 mm. FK120 and FP120 conveyors are available in either steel or aluminium profile.
These conveyors can offer belts from 50 – 400 mm in width and lengths of 500 to 12000 mm.
Accessories (knife edges, side guides etc.), control units and stands augment our comprehensive range of products. Beyond the standard range, we are well equipped to meet specific customer requirements.
Swan neck + Z conveyors are just some of the options available to meet your special requirements.

Our experienced staff are available to provide advice and to offer a solution, which meets your specific needs.

Download catalogue: RNA-Conveyor_000.pdf
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