Circular vibrating feeders

They are used for automated feeding of same and appropriately sorted elements to assembling and sorting places. The use of vibrating feeders will increase the capacity, reduce or completely eliminate participation of human beings and ensure undisturbed working rhythm.
Dosage troughs can be cylindrical, conical or stepped, made from pickled or inox sheet metal, cast or plastic. Upon demand, the vibrating feeder can be equipped with anti-noise protection.
If you order the basic unit with the through and guiding system we need the following data:
- required position of the piece at the exit from the trough
- required capacity – number of oriented pieces per minute
- number and position of exits (in case there are several exits)
- sample pieces for one refill
- direction in which the pieces must travel (left/right)

Download catalogue: RNA-Bowl-Feeder.pdf.pdf
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